Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

One Time : )

Everything will change , without showing any signs . And  also conduct a similar rapid change that is . why should I bear a strong jealousy of this ? cause feelings of jealousy turned into hate , but it is difficult for people who hate us his love . I will not change quickly , but I will continue to be patient with the world fully with  challenges and  expectations . bukan senang nk give up ooh pk one - trillion aku rasa menysl tak sudah hidup nanti Huh ! but if we reach an age where I do not accept that situation I think it should I with draw from all of this . currently there is still time to change, when will the any word is not listening to me finally say "goodbye" but my heart is not strong enough to  at on someone I meditate love it . I just want a sincere love without any self-deception and loyalty to me :) I am a weak person but do not give up evry time pray to god for he knows I love him sincere . aku selalu pesan pada diri aku " jangan pernah berubah " my mission  . memang bodh kalau break out buat yg bukan-2 kn kn ? tapi kalau pk balik mmg betol buat apa punn bagi puas hati tak kira lha dosa or papa kenn . to a girl who can help me out thought the man I said thank you very with you because if I masej with you , my soul at peace with how you treat me , I feel if this happened the second time I will continue to live like that , hg buat aku berubah suka kn kau kn girl ? mmg gilaa cukup lha dlm masaa 3 miggu aku dgn kau kn bnyk dosaa sgt sorry , iloveyou doe ! I have bf now so I will continue to love him right , credit to GIRL  but I promise I never moment our girl secret capital  "w" are you still in my fb tengs . my life very diffcult sometime become  tired , give up , sadness , happiness but i still strong untill now wif my beloved family .