Khamis, 11 November 2010

you + me

alhamdulilah -
today 8 month together with you beby ...
all diffcult things make me & you strong ryte
erm ! last nigth lost of mood
but today hopes be nice day yaeh syg 

you ? never be replace . swaer !
yes ! i do LOVE you boo .

p/s :  tengs da b'korban utk org yaww . org hargai  muaa too ark ,
yaeh ! janjy ta buad bnda yunx dy howt lgy . sedia mengalah skrg
bout tears ? ehh jgn ckp slalu oh. sorry alau org buad slah okiee
ap dy buat okiee jaa en tplaa . boo mia jnjy org smpn rapat2 miaa laa
hee ~ . tengs la sbb trima org dlm edup dy ;D . dugaan semua
kyta tbule bg stop slgy kyta cple bnyk dugaan en
kdang smpy brek out . dayt snadd too
tpy bole buad settle lgy lol , thx soo to allah .
iloveyou moreeeeee sygs !

bla dpt cple nun dy ntah perasaan len pd yg len ngn laky sbl ney .
mybe sblm ney laky juz nucx game ak kodd . tpy dy BUKAN , da bnyk uad prubh
skrg so dpt la kbhgiaan nun  dy nohh . spa puns jgn nk try wa pnya
laky yaww -.- t taboh kaw2 miaa HAHA ....

when you say iloveyou beby . i feel fall in love haha
ngadee lak enn . tplaa bkn slalu puns .

kemrin ad dy ckap . boo tkan tnggl bb . babi2 mna puns tbule amex beby
so dari c2 bole nmpk kan hee ~
u care bout me ? mew to hak3 ...

sygs  you selamanya beby boo !
trust me ..

As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age,
There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you.

the past that smile at as . .
the present that holds us tight . .
the future that awaits foe us . .

happy annivesary sayang !


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