Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

, stornger mood

I loved you for so long , That I do not know what I am going to do.
It is hard for me to tell myself ,That I do nott love you .
Four days ago in fighting , moreeeee to fucking problems  so hardd to settle it
And because of you I cry myself to sleep every night in bed .
& & &
Because of 3 people try too judge my relationship , emm !
If this night a gurl coll my neuu numbers , you chusss wrong way haha .
But it is hard cause I have come to realize , alsoo it is even harder to give up,
Also my ex boi , what wrong you derr ? u alredy done broken my heart
and now u send fucking mcg to my love and say u wanna me ?
ap miaa bangkai . aku tasuka kad unx babi !
And my beloved boyfriend , I Only love you boo .
im really tired to fights . But im will be stonger person
yaeh ! 5 days in heartless you & me
But got know my felling and your felling after pepole try to see me break wif you .
My relationship never be changes until my  age 23 years old .
Only this name in my relationship  Ahmad Rizam ,
Boo done promise this foe me !
thnk you


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