Jumaat, 22 April 2011


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NVM ? oath today have no direct mood why this miera Hmm. Last night ? maybe just a load of small things but a bit annoying sendri feeling too lazy to cheat again "stright" the better I feel like people think what I think. Again  another boring story I want facebook pestle made ​​for facebook as well we know and recognize him right. each offense must have a reason, right? So annoying I said seriously. But if properly let alone expanded lazy, hard Why do you want to say that the middle of what I'm ta understand the behavior of this kind, I feel joy to know that every time I do anything - what you were afraid to fight but I do think that this he is not angry? a scene later on so difficult a problem. Arhhh! If the brain thinks you like me to say that I believe you 100% know. But you have to do? I was hot again. Heart is on the pardon yesterday, although still sore, but sincerely pardon, I had to say yesterday I was not angry just want you thinking just now I ntah handphune where I leave the last place I saw it empty just like your heart ok. You have come to me entertain you not come? I expect only about that but that feeling you I'm too lazy to noisy, tired! byee

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