Jumaat, 22 April 2011

Moreee thinking

WTF ! What is wrong with my original so weak , why jeleous is, why are so stupid I hate! ok I got the mood just after he was among the last mcg and I continue to not have the mood again, Why am I so badly this ? : ( H e is the story of her coming home Well I got was more severe heart. As if I want to like this when I'm with her ​​I suppose I have ties to die in a state of calm and do not bear a grudge
: ( temperament this is the cause of everything else There maybe just a load I do not think the sad and bad about someone I love it. Now I was already typing bloggei tears because I think the absurdity of what he did Hmm :( Just now I was made ​​to exam notes  I will continue to throw everything. Arhhhhh! he call me want to lift it ? I lift because I did not want her to know I was sad because of her negative thinking. How does she know I'm bad mood? what I want to answer Hmm. Maybe the way I do his response mcg know, I tried to hide but eventually failed as well .. I've tried various ways to change to better myself but the feeling is too strong and hard on the heart. I want you right mcg with you, you fail for me to smile back :(  I know, but the response of people who do not care ya allah ! Swear , aku sedih gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sekarang ta than lagi dohh . but you please do not take on all this faith 100 % trust at the same time I am sad & confuce ..

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