Isnin, 16 Mei 2011

Senyuman Ikhlas :D

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mugkin post sebelum ni " hard to smile " tapi sekrang dha jdi mcam hari-2 biasa okie . semua al-kisah sudah d'kunci and sudah d'buang dari pemikiran aku hee :) best kan kalau bole senyum mcm sekrang macm dha ta pk papa lagi ohh terima kasih banyak okie . lepas ni i'll chges my attitude lhaa k tnak pk bad dkad kau sorry eh , bkn apa to lha tanda sayng hahaha .
yesterday you say , just to take me away to the street I want , just to hold hands and hug my body , ears just to listen to my talk , my mouth just to me but I can not believe you talk . omg ! all this you're really touched my heart boo heee . sorry if make u confuce with my attitude okie , I do evrything foe u because really need happiness of our lives and blessed by the gods . so I advise you , say all sorts of you because I want you to know just you know me only lufeuu like you told me that =="  iloveyou moreeeeeeeeeeeee dear ! terimas kembali kn aku pnya senyum ni ak simpan ketat apa kau cakap semua okei , aku letak manga and ikat dgn tali feri ok ? haha mcm kenall ayat hee :p I hope we can both avoid the problems that will come after this . if we are sincere God will surely reward us more than that , so I hope you do not violate the promise that you think you own us more than a year with so many trials for both of us , you stay away from all things that can make me hurt ok ? I'm also kind of .

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