Ahad, 8 Mei 2011


Yaeh ! Maybe semalam post aku dalam condition tade mood and sedih tapi memg sedih puwn : (
today i get my smile back alhamdulilah . I thank all of what people talk to me for I let it alone, talk of where we want to be like so close I say let them . I stick with what was given by God I thank all .
to him sorry make you angry wif me last night only 16 miscal ryte ? Huhu relks loll saia mau nages nty saya bukak blek Hee sorry .  i do all because wanna see you in happiness and not ashamed to together wif me but i do wrong way ryte ? ==" now and now I hear what you all sickness and talk to me , that you really love me & love me only . Very touched last night when you appeal to me thankyouboo : )
teman hidup bukan dari  paras rupa yang menjadi pilihan dalam hidup , teman hidup yang setia dan sayang sama sayang sangat membhagiakn kita . i will do dha best foe you fucking loving foe soo i hopee u become love me like kind now iloveyou !
please be my freind but not my enemy Lancau kasi luu ! Hahaa

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