Rabu, 27 April 2011


Everything has changed
Indeed deceive ourselves were stupid & it deceive ourselves useless. But the
way of cheating that I had to go so I can live . Two weeks im not original smile , happiness , laught , but moreeeeeee to deceive ourselves so sorry bout this .
I smile ?  I laught ?  I happy ?
u thinx im in admirable condition totally NO !
I try to be real " miera " but not stronger again , maybe this my conjecture life nevemind .
Two days of fever , cough , flu , maybe just a load is too much to think , to my friends im sorry if it upset you all maybe just a load no longer able to control emotions , to my loved imissyou badly i need u beside me ryte now , iloveyouu maybe my faver b'coz of you  im really miss boo : )

Overall I would like to return happiness, smile, happy, and so forth that I had to before.

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