Ahad, 24 April 2011

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Now do not have enough credit to call you tonight just so tired of view. take the opportunity here to express this I'm bored. School starts tomorrow and besides mid year exams will start in two weeks, maybe just a load. Just now he asked me call him because he is not a loan, nvm if he continues to hear a good feeling, I remember the events of the fun out of it very good but did not meet our long sooo sad  : ( will have to be met if there is no obstruction has .

my poem

God gives a sense of love in me, and I give it to you. Please do not be more in others.
Love is the most beautiful thing ever happened in my reply.
How could I forget all my life You're the first one and last lover

smile and calm voice of my soul right
 I love thee with the passion

- Credit to him -

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