Jumaat, 15 April 2011

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Today want to know too boring Haish ! remember right these days want to look out movei 'CUN' best systa I said so , but do not want to be out all sorts of things Err ! Let the mood was just another Okie is no bad thing happened I was just happy . I guess I was waiting out in May a new two-week vacation , I was there now , people do not want all the money out later I had run out of new money want to invite out, Hahaa ! I want to buy a shirt but I want to go buy himself happy looking, T-shirt that really interests me is really two types of shirts and I was looking for & want to go buy Ngeee If I can be of two shirts that I want to change everything, Fullstot :) now I'm the middle brother of my friend I went out to go buy clothes that Huhuu , he did well, what I ask him for all he can not see my face for the sometimes fierce Poor crazy == "

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