Isnin, 11 April 2011

Never be replace

I'm still sad , I felt satisfied , confused , frustrated all Hmm . I do not intend to say so to you , but I am furious and very angry that time . Maybe just a load you are not placed crew, you do not think what I experienced today. How right you also hurt me because I said so. This is all conjecture we'll boo? yesterday on the verge of bad things happen hmm. Loll cry again, now the middle of typing is still wipe the tears. I'm too sensitive for this, types poat yesterday "I do not strong again" I prayed last night so that no matter which shoes do not happen , but .. I get hurt & you are no better , right ? This all about facbook & Jealous that I was too strong. Jealous I've been trying to avoid me , but he was part of the feelings of a woman who is very loving boyfriend . Yesterday, this morning & now I have remove my shoes what last. You're still togehter with my right, you are very willing to travel great suspicion with me , Thank you Boo  ! I need not have changed my nature . Masej and I keep all the promises you that , never delete immediately knew. After all, we da very thing we've been through a lot together, shared everything. I hope we can live with the dead se is but one of my dreams in life. We are now maybe just a load ber ber grief but two are still close to my heart you already know the grief including permanent injury has never changed 'SweetheartI was. Again, I apologize for hurting you , wanna meet you really miss your kiss , walk togehtr , eating , impotant i miss your hugs sayang =="  iloveyou !

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