Ahad, 10 April 2011

Sadness ,

What has become of this? From this morning I cried until now, when recall continues teresak-esak I cried. Indeed I was not strong, because the same thing over hatu who is not disappointed? I know I'm not perfact but you know I love you right. Why do you love me Jealous, cry, hurt, :( Did our last afternoon masej not I know you want to lazy to have enlarged the small things. I was really small at this thing but I was too sick to receive it. Now I'm free right You with your FB, I will not take out anymore, I still heart you do not receive what I do  Hmmm . I know you are faithful, never cheat & unfortunately I'm right. But at the same time you made ​​me sad and cry. I'm tired of the oath of this kind, maybe tomorrow the school will terbawak-bawak this thing because not finished. I'm Not Strong Again : (

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