Jumaat, 8 April 2011

Gud Day

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Diary what is wrong with me ? Yaeh Friday  leave tomorrow. Okie this is all mere weeks if the first story of an evil friend is now doing well with me , Huh I do not care even if you do well I better Okie , I do not want to fly those cruel as they please . Hey ! undertaking mid-year exams I want a little more effort than I am now fully been told me that I hate now ,Too sad for me to determine the reason of all .
How to boiyfren ? increasingly powerful love is : ) This week he was busy with the game of rugby at school so I must understand that behind the school at 6 p.m about a little less so masej this kind before . After that must be tired right ? so I let her break after that he masej first glance . I'm not angry because he immediately slow response I knew he was tired but he would like to keep the faith  ==" I was also afraid of insisting Hee Ty .. Love is when he can meet even do not know yet Loveeuu Hunny ! Posted Wednesday April Fool , but I do believe him , Yaa Allah poor him . Must afraid mad because I accused him of assorted articles Hahah >.< He is afraid to swear tu mad & want to do crap. Finally I said just for April Fool , Pehhh Poor him , masej Every day I read that you are afraid that the middle Hehehe . Conclusion , please be a good month of April is the month to another  . Leave a note that many teachers ask for, OMG I look tired even da Hahaa. But sacrifice for the future must be doing well ; ]

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