Isnin, 4 April 2011

Oal Test ,

Today is shocked by the " Bahasa Inggeris Oral Test " Includes everything Hahaa I was stunned . So the thinking behind the fun topics such disclosures to be made ​​this week . Now it is ok find the title of " Say No Smoking ". I find this one likes the book Essays. God Willing I will talk in front of my friends Bahasa Inggeris peroid . Another is problems want to memorize all the things I want to read thi s, OMG! But I have this simple & informative oral Oki  Ngeee - So how do want to memorize in a short period of this? Huh , I can make sure little Ceeee. I've got this under the oral paper, is the curse of the writing I do not know, I know I'm writing a bad Hahaha. Another simple, right? asalakn I do not care to memorize all of this . Wish me luck okie .


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