Sabtu, 2 April 2011


Wake up early today & really miss hunny boo  ! already 1 monts ta meet hurm . serius rindu tahap gilaa punya sekrang Boo ==" Him just waiting foe me went to meet awww Loveyou . I think it will go out April 23 but delayed again . Should be rowdy fun to go out together for a long time may Heeee & i need my domo Hahaha tak maluu >.< Middle of the night we super , best is when you hear the happy, cute ! But last night I wore cool, right ? Hahaha just wait it is April Fool with the crew. Eish! are you busy these days right, ok I know, I just ignore . Later we can start a new evening masej back. I am tired of waiting , even though I can not masej with you Ngeee . I miss your kiss , hugs , & everything Boo . I Miss You More Than words Can Say Hunny Boo  .

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