Sabtu, 2 April 2011

Out Of mood ,

Arght! seriously feel so stupid for that kind of night with him​​ :(  but not deliberately create a kind of, if you think back it was just small things, but why be exaggerated ? hurm also hurt like this. in the morning had a mint sorry, sorry is not directly rewarded , sad to mad. masej now I do not reply do not treat me too, had had time to chat between close hurm FB but he did not reply at all. I'm stuck going to do not know what else . Before this I had made ​​another big problem of the problems I was facing now , but why do you want these little exaggerated . I never see you upset like this to me many times your phone you do not answer, I do not want to send masej you excuse me , I say okay how do you respond to annoying : ( I love your oath alone Boo, and I admit this is all my fault but please for forgiveness me . Can you really are you , Loveyousofuckingdammuch Boo & Sorry because make you angry  !

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