Jumaat, 1 April 2011

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A love to share tonight with all the bloggei I read this.You must be noticed that not everyone say that the age of 13 to 17 of this " Monkey Love ". Teacher always used to love to learn to say now is not the time, Yaeh! really understand the very thing but the feeling is very strong to want a very special friend who is always beside us & listen to this expression of our hearts. There is no denying the love during high school was all sorts of things happen. And because there are people who love to play someone like that out there now have been considered in love during high school cause problems. Though not all people like to Okie. But all deem so can not talk any more. I do not mind the matter directly, the way I live so I do not have much thought of the evil. Although the couple times I'm teens, I also thought of trials that I go through a period of six or seven years. But I believe God knows who the person we want & expect it. For I am created by God is like expecting something serious. For example, when I was a couple I'd really love him but before that we also need to know about her right to reciprocate our love & loving. Shukur so I can be the man who loves me and is willing to sacrifice for me so thank you to love me. Although we have traveled all sorts of hope in a year with our love lives on.

P / s: For men and women who have GF / Bf keep really do not have to want to cheat. you all try to understand the feelings of others.

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